About us

For many years now the preferred method of indoor gardening involved a grow tent. This tent would typically be stored in a discreet location in one’s home. Usually the basement or a closet.

Along with the space needed to grow, there was a lot of equipment to buy. Fans, filters, ratchet hangers, grow lights, buckets, ph meters, the list goes on and on. This seems daunting to the average person who wants to have control over their cannabis grow.

We saw the need for a simple solution that would give the user a personal grow without high costs and large time commitments. So we set out to create an in home grow kit that was stylish, effective, worry free and virtually fully automated.

Being able to choose color options and designs for our home cultivation solution was key. We didn’t want to create something that would stand out in a home setting and be an inconvenience or cumbersome. It needed to look like any other appliance or furniture piece in the home.

The most important part was that this home gardening kit should work and work well. We consulted with a wide array of experienced growers to determine the best and most efficient growing method for our product. Energy consumption and waste were important factors in our design. We didn’t want this to produce large amounts of waste or create higher energy bills for the end user.

The end result is the Green WIse grow cabinet. An easy to use, easy to assemble method for in home cultivation. It has everything a larger scale traditional grow tent kit has, all constructed in a small beautiful cabinet.

Energy efficient full spectrum LED grow lighting comes standard in every cabinet. On board air filtration delivers a smell free growing experience. All waste water is reused and fed back in to the system so there is little waste.

Our cabinet is controlled by our easy to use app. Monitor your plant’s growth and receive alerts if there are any issues that require attention. There is also no need to mix nutrients for your plant feedings. Our Green WIse cabinet comes with nutrient rich super soil ensuring your plant has everything it needs throughout the entire grow cycle. All you have to do is make sure the water reservoir is full and you are good to go.

We believe our Green Wise kit is the perfect solution for those wanting their own personal cannabis supply. No harsh artificial chemicals, high energy cost or large time commitments involved. Start your personalized grow journey today with the Green Wise grow kit.